Collecting From FORT


We have to accept that Covid is not going away and we all have to try to reduce the risk, for all of us. We appreciate that this can cause some delay or inconvenience - we’ll do everything that we can to minimise this.


Please help us to help you by working as follows:

  • The yard gates will remain closed during working hours – we have to manage the number of people on site, so that everyone is safe.
  • Please call in advance so that our sales team can process your order.
  • We’ll agree a time for you to come onto site – we’ll do our utmost to make this suitable for you.
  • For all cash sales we will process your payment in advance
  • Wherever possible your goods will be picked and ready for loading – this is subject to other operational availability.
  • Please keep the time inside the shop area to an absolute minimum and maintain distancing wherever possible.


The main point that we want to reinforce is that we need to know that you’re visiting in advance – we cannot manage large numbers of site visitors at any time.

Most importantly, we’re extremely grateful for your support and valued business – we want to do our utmost to make sure that you feel safe when dealing with FORT.