FORT Builders’ Merchant stocks an extensive range of high quality aggregates, for DIY, construction and landscaping projects.

Our range of Aggregates includes landscaping, building and decorative products. We keep them in bays on site, as well as in dumpy and small bags. In terms of delivery, we have a few options open to you:

  • Crane off-loaded in dumpy bags - ideal for sites which need to be kept clean, and there isn't a great deal of storage.
  • By hand/customer unload -  sometimes the only solution due to the site access. We can deliver dumpy bags on our smaller vehicles, but that requires you having the capactity to unload on site. The other option is to deliver small rather than dumpy bags, which works perfectly when there isn't the space for a pile or a bagful of Aggregates.
  • Direct loads from the quarry - FORT has great relationships with all of the local (and national) quarries meaning we can arrange direct to site deliveries, ranging from roughly 10-30 tonnes per load. Speak to one of the team to get the size requirements for one of these vehicles.

If you would rather, we now offer our aggregates loose, so you can collect from our premises. We have weighed our bucket, empty and loaded, with each of our aggregates, so we can accurately load you up with any of our loose aggregates.  

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements. 

We can also price and schedule materials based on your project plans, from start to finish** - please contact a member of our team for more details. 


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