How To Guides

Our how-to guides on using the FORT Portal.

Discover new ways of managing your account with FORT. See all of your active orders, create personalised quotes for your customers, manage all of your job files & much more.

  • Account Dashboard

    Once you have logged in to your FORT Portal account you'll be redirected to the main Account Dashboard page. Within this page, you'll find quick access to all the portal benefits such as; My Quote Builder, Favourites, My Job File Manager & more. For instructed how-to guides on the My Quote Builder & My Job File Manager please see the top of this page for more information. Your Account Dashboard has a quick view of your credit limit, current credit usage, invoiced total, outstanding orders & your available credit amount.

    Navigating around the dashboard is simple, either by clicking on the panels with the information about the pages or using the ribbon located to the left of the web page. To navigate back to the main dashboard from other pages, press "Account Dashboard" this will take you back to the main dashboard page.

    Screenshot of the FORT Builders' Merchants portal, showing the main account dashboard.
  • Account Statement

    By clicking "Account Statement" from the main account dashboard you will be taken to your Account Statement page. All company information is displayed at the top of the statement, along with your terms and FORT's bank details. To help our customers keep up to date on their credit usage we have designed a handy feature which displays what is currently invoiced, 30 days due, 60, 90, 120+ days overdue & with a total balance figure at the end. Statements are automatically sent out monthly to the registered email address on the account.


    How To: Account Statement
  • Outstanding Invoices

    Grouped by month, all of your outstanding invoices will display within this page. To view an invoice press “View”, this will show a digital copy of the invoice. To print, scroll to the bottom of the document and click “Print”. To pay for these invoices either select the individual invoice, month or select all. Once selected you’ll see a box pop up with the message displaying “Add to Basket”. Finally, to pay for these invoices head over to your basket and complete payment.


    How to: Outstanding Invoices
  • Invoice History

    In Invoice History, all your paid and historical invoices will display here. From when your account was opened with FORT all of your past invoices are kept within this page, to navigate to older invoices just scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Next Page". Clicking "View" will open up a digital copy of the document. To print the invoice just scroll down till you see the option to print, this will take you to your device's printing software.

    How to: Invoice History
  • Current Orders

    Using Current Orders will help you to view the status of an order that you have placed either using our website or by calling our sales team directly. The main Current Orders page will show the status of your order with FORT, by pressing the order number you can see what items are on that order. Changes cannot be made via the portal, if you have any changes to be made, please call our sales team on 01488 505 800.

    Screenshot of FORT Builders' Merchant current orders page within the FORT Portal.
  • Quotes

    Any quotes that FORT has created for your account will display on this page. To save time, you can now add all the items in your quote to your basket to complete payment. If you have any questions or would like to make changes to your quote then please call the sales team on 01488 505 800.

    How to: Quotes
  • My Quote Builder

    For a full guide on using the My Quote Builder tool please click here.

    The My Quote Builder tool allows you to create your very own personalised quotes for your customers with many great benefits. Add your company logo, personalise the header and footer of your quote, auto-calculate a markup percentage & more.

    Screenshot of FORT Builders' Merchant My Quote Manager tool on the FORT portal.
  • Favourites

    All of your favourite products in one place. When on a product page you will see an option to add the item to your favourites page, located within the FORT portal. You have the option to delete the product, the product description, whether it's in stock and the price. Add the quantities needed & select "Add to Basket".

    How to: Favourites
  • Recently Ordered Products

    When ordering with FORT, all of your recently ordered products will display on this page. When in Recently Ordered Products you can view, edit amounts & add directly to your basket from the page.




    How to: Recently Ordered Products
  • My Job File Manager

    For a full guide on using the Job File Manager tool, please click here.


    The Job File Manager tool is fantastic for keeping all of our job files stored in one place. You can create folders for specific jobs by entering the job name and clicking "Create Job", you can also make folders within the main job folder to keep all of your files organised.


    How to: My Job File Manager
  • Delivery Addresses & My Account Details

    Your account details will display on this page, to change your details please contact us on 01488 505 800.

    Screenshot of FORT Buidlers' Merchant My Account Details page within the FORT portal.

    When ordering with FORT, the addresses that you enter will be saved on this page. Use the search bar to filter through different addresses.

    Screenshot of FORT Builders' Merchant Delivery Addresses page within the FORT portal.
  • Change My Password

    To change your password, head to My Account Details. At the bottom of the page is the option to update your password. To confirm, please enter your password twice and click the button below.

    If you have any problems accessing your account or for general help, either email us at or call us on 01488 505 800.

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