Fort Builder's Merchant Location

FORT Builders’ Merchant is based at the Membury Industrial Estate in Lambourn Woodlands, conveniently located just off the M4 at exit 14, behind the Westbound services.

FORT Builders’ Merchant serves West Berkshire, South Oxfordshire and North Wiltshire; from Swindon to Newbury, Wantage to Pewsey and maybe a little further afield if you ask very nicely!

The location of our site is steeped in history - we’re based near Membury Fort, the largest Iron Age forge in England, hence our main address of ‘The Longhouse’, the name given to the principle building within the fort.

The site also served as an important World War 2 air force base, used by our American allies from 1943; Membury was a major departure point for paratroopers during D-Day and thereafter.

Our buildings retain some of their historic characteristics - we even have the actual ‘Old Faithful’ American Flag that flew on the base in our conference room!

We’ve tried to recognise the endeavour and spirit of the people who were here and would be interested in finding out more from anyone who may know some of the history.

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